Relying on Hongkong´s free trade zone, import goods into Hong Kong is zero tariff and from Hong Kong to China mainland by express declaration, which is a simple, fast, regular express declaration, absolute guarantee the safety, the fees of customs levy are included in the cost of transport from Hong Kong to China
+ Simple Procedure: no need to provide documents, license, inspection certificate etc: as long as the delivery to Hong Kong
+ High Safety :the formal declaration ,absolute guarantee of safety
+ Low Cost :charges by KGS or CBMS which include all tax/duty
+ Fast speed - normally take one or two or three days to delivery
+ Door to Door service, worldwide.

Products range
Including plastic, metal, clothes, paper, leather, glass, clothing, shoes, food, liquor, cosmetics, electronics, LED, screen, digital product, instrument,machine and so on, covers a wide range, welcome to inquire.